Software Testing

Software testing is the best way to see your products health and vitality.


We will look into your products visual appearance as well as its functionality and report thoroughly its weak spots and weaknesses.


Let us help you develop the best quality product for your customers

How can we help?

We offer:

  • Automated testing

  • Backend testing

  • Requirement testing

  • Exploratory testing

  • Language variant testing (Estonian, English, German, Finnish)

  • User experience testing

  • Functional testing

  • Regression testing

  • Application/program visual testing

Platform testing:

  • Web application testing

  • Desktop app testing

  • iOS testing

  • Android testing

For reporting test results we use different programs like JIRA, Visio, Testreil as agreed with client. We will find the most suitable option for your team.

Every product is special as well as the team developing it.

We take personalised approach to each product to suit its needs with our service. Intense cooperation with the development team will give positive effect on launching the best quality product.


The Plakit Team

Eve Nagel

CEO and Co-Founder

Eve has been in and around the IT sector for 10 years and testing for 6 years. Eve has worked in many big international projects in Beijng and Estonia - biggest of them Windows Phone and Windows Microsoft Store as well as testing different casino games. Many years of experience as a Project Manager/Product Manager in public and private sector will help greatly cooperating with different teams.

Mikk Plakk

COO and Co-Founder

What clients say about us

"Plakit is a reliable and valued partner with both the experience and the skill to help in every software quality related situations. They have helped us with several projects, from complex API solutions, fintech to modern iOS & Android applications."

Siim Jõgisuu / Head of QA / Mooncascade OÜ

Our Clients
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Mikk Plakk +372 555 31 685

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